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The Ultimate Guide for Local SEO

Is your business local base and have a physical location ? So to popular your business over the internet you must need local SEO. To I am going to discuss in detail about local seo, why you need this? What do you need to do?

Types of business who need local SEO: Any types of business who get its consumer of client base on its local area definitely should consider local seo. Most common category like local Hotel, restaurant, doctor, dentist, lawyer, retail outlet & many more.  that mean when you have your business physical address in a city & wish your local people go there to get their product or service as you serve. So then you must do local seo to popular your brand locally.

Local seo guide

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How does it differ for Local SEO from Regular/worldwide SEO work :

In regular seo you generally use your targeted keyword into title, keyword tag , meta description & not need to mention your address on your site. But foir local seo make sure that your business name , address , phone mail address are used on every page of your site & Same format use on google , yahoo , bing local listing (in the footer is an ideal location.).  You need to use your city , and State names on your site title , meta description that’s why search engine can easily find you for local listing.

The most important element that increase your local local SEO rankings :

The most 3 important factor should be consider for your business local SEO

  • number of citations
  • The number of reviews (primarily on your Google Places listing, though other places do count)
  • How positive the reviews are overall

From my experience I have seen positive reviews will trump citations so that’s why therefore convincing your clients as well as customers in order to keep excellent testimonials on the Search engines nearby web page may be the best point that you can do.

Move ahead for local SEO :

So what should we do get your SEO strategy in gear for local seo. As already you have started your business on your targeted local area so I think you have a very good idea about public / upcoming customer demand about your product. And according to your great perception & according to your local demand you started your business.  Whatever for local seo for your business site you need to follow :

  1. 1.       Update Your Page Titles : I have mention above local seo is not like as regular seo so you need to update your site page title ( include your local area name ) Beside make your site page title unique.
  2. Complete internal link : Make sure that your site internal link works great. If it is missing must fix your site internal link that’s why your site visitor & search engine boot easily navigate your site.
  3. Add Your Address to Every Page : It is one of the basic term of local seo for a business site. You must include your local business address ( Business name , address , phone no , email ) every page of your site .
  4. Add Google map : Add Google map location on your site that’s why visitor can find your business location easily.
  5. Claim Your Profile on Merchant Circle, Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, etc :  You must include your business site link with your (Google , yahoo , bing) profile that’s why search engine can link your site easily. Beside that there are lot of yellow pages-like sites are allow you to update your business information for free. Beside search your country ( local directory ) and list there.
  6. Create back link : Try to get backlink from some high page authority & domain authority site . you may try on :
  • Try guest  post on relevant site  
  • Chambers of commerce/local business groups
  • Friends who have sites (including your kid’s blog)
  • Partners/Vendors
  • Local business directories/Local newspaper site

Beside that you can get back link from high page rank article site , sending out press releases. Brand on social media . You should have your business page on all major social media site.

Hope if you follow these step soon your business page get rank on local search.. If you have any question about this topic  feel free to ask me via comment.

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  1. Great post on Local SEO. I really got this amazing one, expecting readers will be more benefited from this new concept. Thanks.

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  2. Whats a awesome guideline it is . can you provide us the yellow page & local directory resource. if you provide us that will help us more. Thanks.

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    • First thanks for your comment. stay with us i will post as soon as possible with the resource ..

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  3. Thanks for sharing this post. But for us to really income, we really need to exerts more effort. I guest no once can earn income without consistent efforts and hard work. In my experience, blogging is really hard at first but once you know it, it become easier.

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